Things that I’ve never imagined before

finally has come around

You know what?  i’ve put you already in a regular box

Never move you into a special one

I’ve given a gap there

But one day I was off guard

You knocked the box

Then ask me to play along with the other toys

Day after day I spent unconsciously

With you

I also became get used to playing with you

Finally I put you in a special box because you has become my playmate


It didn’t take long

I realized

I’m stuck in my own fears

“Do you know, the puppets? Why do I create the distance between us? Because I do not want to make memories that I can not hold back.”

When I release you, and leave you in that box

I can not help but struggle against the desire not to let you go

I’m used to your presence

and now

I have to get used to without you

That’s why I’m afraid too be close to you

I’m afraid of creating a memory

Which will always make me want to spend my time with you

over and over again



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