one step closer

hi, hello

what’s up? i’m sorry for being so selfish not paying attention to you anymore my daisy andromeda. Okay, i wanna share a lil thoughts of what happened lately in my life. Well, this is my last year since i have to face my final task or well known as ‘Essay’.  Okay, there are so many turbulence that i’ve been struggle on. Deciding which research would i write, or which part of research would i take. I dunno it’s because im not taking this as a serious matter or because im just worrying the lil things, lyk, the title i wrote. I still doubt that. And then, at the same time, i looked around. My friends, few persons has done their title, few persons has started their research. AAaaa wanna scream. Y know, it’s frustrating, coz im lil bit freak out of being lefted behind. But then again, i know, Allah SWT has prepared something good to me. Allah’s plan are always better than mine, all i can do is just work hard pray hard. It’s not the matter of whose person’s gonna be the fastest to reach the finish line. It’s the matter of determination, i’ll do what i could. We just have a different timezone aren’t we? may Allah bless us always. Faidzaa ‘azamtaa fatawakkal ‘alallah.

start from now, coz we’re just one step closer till the finish line of the college year.

Alloohumma Laasahla Illaa Maaja’altahu Sahlaa, Wa Anta Taj’alul Hazna, Idzaa Syi’ta Sahlaa.





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