About you

Day never  been this blue And moon never been this dim before It turns out you that i missed terribly I do not blame you We both have decisions to take because The bitter past we passed is the best teacher for us It is the circumstances that make our steps become tough Dear After […]

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  Things that I’ve never imagined before finally has come around You know what?  i’ve put you already in a regular box Never move you into a special one I’ve given a gap there But one day I was off guard You knocked the box Then ask me to play along with the other toys […]

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aku, kau, mereka kita semua akan mati diatas kasur, didalam gua, di atas bangunan kokoh, di dalam benteng, di dasar laut, di udara kematian akan menjemput siap atau tidak tak ada negosiasi dan tawar menawar malaikat maut dengan perintah Allah akan melaksanakan tugasnya uang yang selama ini kita banggakan nyatanya tak cukup menyogok malaikat maut […]

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lailatul qodar

Alhamdulillahiladzi bini’matihi tatimussholihat sungguh benar-benar tidak terasa, Ramadhan yang selalu dinanti ini ‘kan pergi dalam waktu sepuluh hari bagi sebagian orang mungkin biasa saja namun bagi sebagian lainnya, sungguh ini adalah momen menyedihkan betapa rugi, betapa rugi orang yang ditinggalkan ramadhan sedangkan ia belum memperoleh ampunan Tuhannya bagaimana bisa ia tidak rugi? sedangkan pintu ampunan […]

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This Ain’t Goodbye

You and I were friends from outer space Afraid to let go The only two who understood this place And as far as we know We were way before our time As bold as we were blind Just another perfect mistake Another bridge to take On the way of letting go This ain’t goodbye This […]

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on that evening i step out the door walking under the warmth of the moon light my shadow slowly fade away and then i remember that corner place when we quarreled and u threw away all the promises u’ve made i can’t stand i can’t bear the burden of losing your old personality so i just say Adieu […]

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tell me again when the exactly first time we met cause i even can’t recognize your pale face tell me how could i open the door just to let you in? tell me who is there someone that introduce you to me? or do you coming up by yourself? tell me why couldn’t i remember anything […]

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